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6 Interior Design Tips You Should Follow

Choosing the right decor for your Orlando home is as much a matter of preference as it is about convenience and practicality. And just like choosing your wardrobe or accessories, you want to achieve the right feel. How you decorate your home speaks volumes about your personality. It is all about merging personality and balance and getting the perfect feng shui.

The cool thing about home decoration is that it is possible to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank. It is indeed true that the best need not be the most expensive.

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Unlike in the past where home decoration was largely about practicality, trends have changed, with various considerations taking prominence including uniqueness and health. So, what do you need to consider when decorating your home? Here are some home decorating tips that will help you in decorating your home.

  1. Choose the right color: Ever visited a home and thought, something about the wall feels off here. Color indeed sets the tone and mood for the home. Most designers advised that when choosing the paint, tame is best. This is because the calmer the hue, the easier it is to match furniture and drapery. Also, getting the right color scheme has been known to enhance feelings, modify temperature and even create the impression of larger space.
  2. Use Eco-friendly material: Now more than ever, people
    are conscious about the health hazards that may arise from exposure to radioactivity. And most possibly no place is as important as the kitchen. Choose non-toxic tableware and reusable energy-sufficient appliances. This also applies to furniture; from chairs to beds. Furniture made from Earth Friendly, recyclable material is preferable to help protect the environment and local wildlife.
  3. Less is more: The more less cluttered the room the better. This applies especially for small-sized homes where space competes
    with the furniture. But even for houses with spacious floors, having minimal furniture creates an airy, relaxing feel. An added advantage to this is the freedom to change the location of the furniture, thus creating a fresh feel each time.
  4. Potted vs plastic: Having plants and fresh flowers give a vibrant and refreshing edge to homes. If you choose to have vegetation, then let it be real. Plastic flowers, fruits or plants are a no-no and give at best, the impression of cheap.
  5. Lighting: Just like color, lighting determines how bright or dull a room appears. And it is not necessarily about voltage. Use appropriate colors for each room. It is recommended to use cool colors for the bedroom and subdued for the bathroom. Also, choose less energy-consuming light bulbs. Having light bulbs
    affixed to a chandelier in the sitting room adds a royal feeling.
  6. Wall adornments: Wall hangings give the room character. The trick is deciding what works and what doesn’t. Framed photographs, an embroidered rug or a favorite framed quote hanging add to the feel of home. One might want to hang that give-away or branded calendar, but the downside to this is that the room may come off looking like an office. Do not go overboard; just like furniture, let the wall decoration be spare.

Choosing the right decor for your home doesn’t really need to be a chore…it should be fun! With some twists and creativity, you can come up with a style that defines your personality and creates an inviting feeling in your home. Only your imagination limits you when it comes to decorating your home.